Banana Bungalow: okay hostel in a bad location A review of Banana Bungalow Maui Hostel

This hostel is in a bad area. I would strongly advise that you DO NOT rent a car and park it anywhere near the hostel unless you want it broken into or stolen. Instead, take advantage of the airport pick-up and drop-off which the hostel offers free of charge. Another disappointing aspect about the BB is that its rooms have no ceiling fan and it can feel as if you are being baked in an oven. To make matters worse, a couple of rooms are missing window screens which makes the mosquito problem quite serious. If you are planning to get a private room be sure to get the ones located at the corners of the building with windows on opposite walls to let the air circulate. When I stayed there for a few days, my wife and I had to change the beddings because they were dirty and found that our bed was full of white bug powder. Be sure to secure your doors at night because hoodlums in the area tend to gain entry into the BB in hopes of stealing anything. In all fairness, I can say that the BB has a very nice and accommodating staff as well as wonderful tours and a good facilities. The tours, while initially free, are really not. You are expected to tip a certain amount to the guide. If each person is expected to give 5 or 10 bucks then it aint quite free--the BB should just say 10 dollars per person instead of being so coy. That being said, the tours is what makes staying at the BB worthwhile. If you have to have your own car then I would just stay at the Northwind Hostel a few blocks away. It has ceiling fans which really makes all the difference. I kid you not. Plus the distance away from the ghetto makes a huge difference because you just don't want to feel like you and your property are in constant danger.

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Banana Bungalow Maui Hostel
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