Bali Hai Prices at the Princeville Hotel A review of St. Regis Princeville Resort

The Princeville Hotel is grand, alright, with stunning views. When we checked into our roome we were

pleased to find that our "mountain view" included a lovely view of Hanalei Bay -- an unexpected treat,

since we assumed that having paid the lowest offered room rate, we would not face anything

remotely waterlike. However, the tastefully decorated and reasonably sized room smelled

musty, and we had to open the door and windows to air it out. The closets and dressers never aired

fully! The desk clerk offered a different room when we called to complain, but the valet, who was still

with our bags, tactfully indicated that the room offered was not as nice as the one we were in. We

chose to let the room air out instead. Travellers who feel they aren't really in a resort unless they

are surrounded by spurting fountains and wall-to-wall marble will fit right in at the Princeville.

The vaguelly rococco trappings seem to be left over from some earlier incarnation of this hotel; now

quite open and full of light, the lobby featured european antiques and reproductions which

seemed to compete against (and lose out to) the luscious greenery and gentle bay around it.

Although the room was pleasant, we were disappointed by the lack of 'perks' at this VERY

expensive hotel. The only special treat offered at the Princeville was ice water service on the beach,

which certainly doesn't compare with the Four Seasons Maui where, for a comparable room rate,

one receives comlimentary pooliside frozen grapes, ice-pops, evian mist, cool facial towels, etc. In fact, the Princeville seemed both understaffed and

stingy. We heard several guests grumbling. The real fun of Kauai is in the outdoor activities. Having

spent most of our time snorkeling in the lovely calm bay below the hotel or hiking to astonishing

waterfalls and vistas, we really saw no reason to return to such an expensive home base next year.

We intend to stay at the less pricey Hanalei Bay Resort nearby -- same view, less panache, a

WHOLE lot less money. We will miss the fantastic bathroom though -- superdeep, superlong black

marble tub with the same superb view as the rest of the room, and all the products were Aveda! If I could stay at

the Hanalei Bay Resort and rent the bathroom at the Princeville, I would.

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