Bad stay A review of Island Club Resort and Spa

We were drawn by the low rates, the attractive look of the property on the Expedia Web site, and the availability of kitchenettes. We had had a good experience with a similar, but more expensive, condo on Maui, also booked through Expedia. But we were sorely disappointed. Our "kitchenette" had no table, utensils or plates. The interior door connecting our room to the next unit was unlocked -- and couldn't be locked with our room key. There was no phone book to call local restaurants, and when I called 411 for information, I was charged $1 per call. Each morning, before we set out for the day, I called the hotel's front desk to have the problems fixed. Each night when we came back to our room, we were disappointed (and the front desk was closed every evening). I suspect Island Club West is more interested in sellling condo units than in serving short-term visitors. We stayed in February '03, and I also suspect that because of its cheap construction, Island Club will be an eyesore in a few years.

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