Bad Service with A Worst Attitude A review of The Standard, Hollywood

The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A. have bad service and their staffs are rude and arrogant

The Standard Hotel downtown lost my reservation, but they accomodated me with a room.

The first room--the air condition did not work, so I was moved to another room.

The second room--the room had a working air condition, but no hot water.

The third room--I moved into had a broken tv remote and no hot water.

I have been to 3 different rooms and they all had problems.

I voiced my complaint to the front check-in clerk and he called his manager.

This manager rude, arrogant, and had bad attitude.

His reply was that this hotel has had issues of not having hot water to some of the rooms.

I told the manager that I will be checking out and he actually charged me for my room! The front desk manager was a jerk! Stay away from that hotel--It all bad news!!!

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