Bad service, high prices, average food A review of The Homestead

After winding throught the mountain roads, upon pulling into the Homestead my 13 year old son opened his door and vomited on the driveway. This was an apt commentary on our stay at the resort. At over $600/night we expected a first rate resort, I wouldn't even classify it as third rate. Although the suite was large it was not at all as represented. There was no balcony or access to the outside and there wasn't a sofa bed. Turn down service was not provided unless you called and asked for it. We quickly found that the resort failed to hire enough help for the summer. Those who they hired had no business working in the service industry. The few who were good were over worked. Maids worked as waitresses in the evening. Servers worked all three meals. Servers continually failed to serve drinks, forgot orders and generally gave poor service. The outdoor pool was small and over crowded. The indoor pool was very relaxing and fed by the hot springs. Unfortunately no staff was there to police kids whiping balls off of the walls and and smacking kickboards off of the water creating firecracker like sounds which echoed off of the walls and ceiling. My wife had a spa service. She said it was overpriced and not that great. The workout facility was slightly better than a budget motel. Food in the dining rooms was average at best. Our best meal was at Sneads. By the last night I was thinking of escaping the grounds and eating at the Subways in Hot Springs.

Positives: the setting is beautiful and the hiking guide was very good. Also the meeting room facilities were fine. The hotel staff did a nice job with the conference events other than the the July 4th cookout (which turned into a cook-in). Afternoon Tea was nice. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. I also heard positive comments about the golf courses.

Overall, the negatives far outweigh the positives. The rates are absurdly high. These rates are much higher than outstanding resorts, with absolutely no justification. If you want to visit this beautiful part of the country opt for a B&B in the neigboring towns.

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