Bad service, but nice resort A review of Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I recently stayed at the Alderbrook resort with my mom. I am writing this letter because I am concerned with the service we received. I had never been to the resort before, and I was so excited to take my mom there to relax and be treated with great service. When we entered, there was no one there to open the door for us as we struggled in with our bags. On your website and brochure it boasts that the staff has been trained by the best and finest staff in the world, yet they treated us like we were a nuisance. We walked up to the front desk, expecting a friendly, professional greeting, but instead were given a glance up from the computer and a monotone "Hi". I asked if we could check in an hour early and the girl scolded us and responded with, "IF it's ready." I felt like a little kid who had been punished. She looked disgruntled, sighed, and said she would call the maid to see if they could clean it. She said it would be a few minutes if we would like to wait. We sat in the lobby and waited, and waited...and waited for at least 40 minutes. I think she basically forgot about us so I had to go up and ask again. We could also hear her complaining to another staff member about different things, such as how tired she was, etc. I decided to ask again, and a different staff member was there, who was much nicer. She said our room WAS ready! Finally, we got to our room and decided to sit on the balcony. About 15 minutes later our hotel door burst open and scared us to death, then slammed closed. I then heard a knock at the door and a woman said she needed to check our snack bar and didn't know we had checked in. Nice communication between staff members! We could have been naked!

That night we decided to go to the restuarant. I had called several days before our reservation to check the price range of the dinner meals. A man told me it was $10-$25 for a dinner entree. When we sat down we were shocked to see the meals all $25 and over! It is as if the staff members don't know what is going on and can't figure out basic things. We decided to order the steamed clams and the roasted tomato salad. They were out of clams (at 7:00 pm!) and the salad was $9 and had 5 tiny tomatos and a mound of arugula.

The next morning we had our coffee in our room and wanted more so we called the front desk and asked for a new carafe. We also asked for creamer. They said, "Right Away!" We waited 45 minutes to an hour and had to call back twice! What were they doing, milking the cow? I don't understand how such simple requests are so hard for a world class luxury hotel! On our way home, we stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and the service there was 100% better! They were welcoming, friendly, and professional! If your service is not up to par with a fast-food restaurant, I think there is a problem! We loved the hotel room and amenities, but were very disappointed with the service. I just wanted to write this to let you know of this important matter.

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