Bad luck A review of Coconut Palms Beach Resort 2

My family and I stayed at Coconut Palms Resort in July of 2003. From day one we had bad luck. The first night our AC went out and we could not get anyone over to fix it before late the following afternoon. Keep in mind, this was July in Florida. IT WAS HOT!! The second night the dishwasher messed up. The third night all the smoke alarms started going off in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone had to stand outside for over an hour to be certain it was a false alarm. On Wed. morning of what was supposed to be our family vacation we wake to find my 17 year old brother dead. Needless to say, I don't expect that I will ever be able to return to New Smyrna or atleast for awhile. Of course with all that went wrong with us I would rate it as I did. This does not mean that others could not have an enjoyable stay. From day one we were not impressed with the facility at all.

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