Bad hotel in an excellent location A review of BEST WESTERN PLUS Hotel Meteor Plaza

I can't imagine how someone could give this place a positive review unless, of course, they had enjoyed too much absinthe. I can only presume that this hotel has rooms of vastly different quality but that still does not account for the difference of opinion on the buffet breakfast.

My room on the second floor was long, very narrow and sparse with thin nylon carpet. There was no room for the small TV apart from on brackets high on the wall way above eye level. The furniture was old and of dark heavy wood that made the room seem even smaller and grim. The twin beds were pushed against either wall with a small nightstand in between, a desk at the end of one bed and the minibar the other. We called it the cell. The room and bathroom were very clean though and the shower (no bath) was good with good water pressure and plenty of hot water. On looking into other rooms during the maid service they all seemed very similar to mine although they varied in shape enormously - but were all similarly furnished. All in all the worst hotel room I have ever stayed in.

The breakfast was dismal with a very limited selection of very poor quality produce. The orange juice, which was of the reconstituted powder type, frequently ran out and was slow to be refilled. Everything seemed as though it was of the cheapest quality available. The staff did work hard to keep the buffet going but it seemed disorganised and each morning they seemed surprised by the volume of people and that things would run out. Rather than replacing things as plates became empty they would wait until there was nothing left, then take the plate into the kitchen for it to reappear 15/20 minutes later. This meant you never got a full choice of the limited buffet offerings.

The crowning glory of my stay was when the night porter asked me if I wanted him to arrange for some female company to join me in the jacuzzi of the health suite on returning to the hotel about midnight.

I really can't imagine how other people would be happy with this place.

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