Bad from start to Finish A review of Callaway Gardens Resort

I had been to Callaway two times in the past and the service was wonderful before. Last time in 2001. I had saved for years to take my daughter on this trip for a retreat that we both desperatly needed. They overbooked (as usual) and sent us to a cottage. Actually it was the two bedrooms with bath separated from the larger cottage by a single bedroom door. Yes, it locked but you could hear every word said in the main room. Smelled bad with spiders crawling. Very clean inside but just shut up for a long time. All outside was in very bad shape. No ice available. Had to call to have it delivered by housekeeping. Long wait. Food very overpriced and selection was pitful. Nothing to write home about. Grounds were in terrible shape. This was the weekend of the year for azelas. They were beautiful of course but not worth the resort price we paid. What really got me was the "donation" boxes at all the displays. With these prices they should not need donations to buy a butterfly. Maybe some of the guest could pull weeds for a donation. So terribly disappointed. Drove 6 and 1/2 hours one way to get there. Only had one weekend. Wish I had found your website before.

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