Bad experience at the Mission Inn A review of The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

My husband and I stayed at the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside in hopes that we can relax and enjoy ourselves without our children. Unfortunately, our weekend ended up being a lot more stressful than if we had our kids with us! The hotel apparently, had several reunion parties that evening. Not only did that bring a bunch of "drunks," walking around the hotel, the people that were sitting around the outdoor dining area were extremely loud. It didn't help that our room was right above where all these "happy" people were. I called the front desk and all they did was apologize and assured me that they will be closing the dining area by 2 a.m. By 3:00 a.m., a drunk couple were swearing & arguing in the hallway. Don't let me forget the spider that I found on my bed! I called the front desk manager first thing in the morning and she offered me a return visit. No thank you. I just want my money back. Not only did I not get any sleep that night, the manager didn't even give me a courtesy of a phone call. Nice place but they need better people running the place. They should also reconsider having outside dining late at night especially when they have rooms surrounding the veranda. The drunk people didn't make me feel at ease either. They need to re-think the crowd that they have staying there. I thought I was staying at a nice, classy hotel. I've stayed at many hotels and by far, this is my worst experience.

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