Bad Enough to Remember 4 years later A review of The Hotel Alex Johnson, an Ascend Collection hotel

In the midst of planning this year's national park trip, I thought back to the first one we took our son to in Rapid City, and the awful hotel experience we had. Just for kicks, I checked to see what other people thought of the Alex Johnson. I'm sorry to say things haven't changed much in 4 years. When we stayed there in 2001, we had roaches on the floor of our room, one of which stowed away home with us. With a crawling baby at the time, we were horrified. Our room had 1970's brown shag carpeting and looked like it was fit under a dormer. Nearly the entire room was low-ceiling, and like others have said, dingy, musty, and kind of scary. We had booked it because our guide book had said it was where a famous celebrity always stayed when he was in town, so I figured it had to be the best. We would have been much better off at a chain, even a 1-star one. It was awful. I didn't find anything particularly fantastic about the historic lobby, either. Don't bother.

I think it is unfair to make these statements about our Hotel without having been here in the last four years based and on reviews of few other people. There are many guests that have experienced a great stay and I personally receive several positive comments a month that never reach For this persons information (and yours), we have not had shag carpet in our rooms since 1989. The ceilings in our rooms are the standard 10 foot high. I have worked for the Hotel for over 6 years and have never seen or heard of any cockroaches in our property. Please check out our web site for pictures of our rooms with the hand stitched bedspreads and pillow shams, and of our beautiful historic lobby and judge for yourselves.

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The Hotel Alex Johnson, an Ascend Collection hotel
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