Awful A review of Senator Inn & Spa

As we walked into the lobby to check in, there was a vitriolic man who was arguing with the desk clerk and someone on the hotel phone about the quality of his room. He was all worked up into a nasty frenzy and finally hurled the phone across the counter in a display reminiscent of Russell Crow's famous tantrum. As he departed, kicking furniture and yelling at the top of his lungs, we all were appalled at his tactless actions.

Civilized people don't condone that behavior but after staying one night at the Best Western Senator I think I understand his perspective.

I was initially curious about it's name, which wasn't just Best Western Senator Inn, it was Best Western Senator Inn and Spa. I have stayed in many Best Western Inns in my lifetime and they generally provide clean decent lodging for those choosing a minimal level of service. This franchisee added spa services to the chain's normal repertoire of free television and an outdoor pool for the kids.

The spa actually is very nice with a wide range of facials, peels, treatments, and hair, nail, massage and specialty services. There is a very good exercise room with a wide range of well maintained weight training equipment and a second room for treadmills, stair climbers and ab related gear. A personal trainer is available for customized workouts.

While the lobby and halls of the hotel are very attractive, the main problem I found with Best Western Senator is the rooms. All three of ours were very small and the bathrooms were cramped and fitted with 1950's décor.

Unfortunately, the worst part of my stay was my terrible nights sleep. It was so bad that it makes any other supposed feature of this establishment completely irrelevant. Because of the buildings poor soundproofing and cheap light construction, I could hear every door opening and closing all the way down the hall. I would wake up hearing the people upstairs moving around and creaking in their bed and I could listen to the television in the next room, which the room designer thoughtfully placed on the other side of the wall next to my bed. No one was being noisy either; these were normal people conducting themselves in a normal way.

My tiny bathroom had a rapidly dripping bath spigot that gurgled all night and a toilet that didn't always shut off on it's own without opening the top of the tank and playing with it's internal mechanics. Somewhere in the room there was a device that emitted an electronic beep every couple of minutes.

In the morning they feature a complementary breakfast, but when we arrived at 9:00, we were told the choice was limited to four selections available at the buffet. When I went up, only two choices were actually present. There were no serving utensils provided for the bacon so patrons were grabbing the strips from the tray with their fingers. Toast and juice are cleverly not included in the buffet and are only available at extra cost. Later, after I was done eating, they brought out a tray of scrambled eggs, some sausage and muffins.

When I checked out, the desk clerk did not ask the traditional question "how was your stay?" Perhaps he could see the dark circles under my eyes or maybe this particular hotel doesn't want to know the answer.

If you are looking for a good nights sleep, this is definitely not the place for you. If you are looking for spa services, stay someplace else and drive here to get what you need. Do I recommend it - no. Will I ever come back - not a chance.

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