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Quality Inn - Taos NM

Duration of stay Aug 18 2005 - 1 night too many!

Location - Just off main highway on approach from the South to TAOS - not a pretty location with a run down feel to it, near a number of chain restaurants, gas stations, grocery store, liquor stores etc - the unprettiest part of TAOS! 2 miles up the road and you are in a pretty part of the world - keep driving

Description - this is a horrid hotel with unkept, overgrown, crumbling parking lot and approach. The outside of the building almost looks derelict! The grounds were scrubby and a filthy outdoor pool awaits you.

Please do your self a favour and drive on.


The reception area is reasonable compared to the outside and lifts your hopes momentarily but don't get excited the worst is yet to come! The staff are friendly I guess in the hope that someone will actually stay with them!

There is a free breakfast in the morning from a choice of 4 plates but we didn't hang around to stay.

The swimming pool (very dirty) is in the middle of the courtyard.The bottom of the pool is flaking and just covered in dirt - it has got to be a health hazard!!

The windows are filthy and have not been cleaned in weeks possibly months


We checked into 2 rooms (group of 4 travelling).

Both rooms were identical dirty, worn and uninviting. The windows were filthy and covered in greasy hand marks - I have never seen dirtier windows!

We dropped of our bags disappointed but wanting to explore Taos.

On return to our room late that night we went to jump into bed only to find it WET!!!! I called reception who couldn't move us and said they would report it to housekeeping in the morning! Can you believe it !

We would have checked out of the hotel other than by the time we discovered this it was just too late.

Luckily enough there were 2 beds in the room - I am not sure what we would have done!

One point to be fair though the bathrooms ion the rooms were very clean - laughable really


Would you stay here after reading this !!?

We had selected a different hotel in TAOS but read bad reports about it and settled for this as the report were quite reassuring. Please ignore previous comments -this really is a poor hotel and for the sake of a couple of dollars more go closer into town.

We had originally booked into this hotel for 3 nights but only stayed one and it really was one too many -

There simply is nothing quality about the quality inn - a truly awful hotel in need of a good clean and money spent on it. Or just knock it down and start again.

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