Awful Hotel A review of Hilton Seattle

The Hilton in downtown seattle is the worst hotel I've ever stayed at!! To this day, my family refers to it as hotel h***. We stayed for two nights in May, 2003.

There are many problems at this Hilton. The rooms are tiny. The front desk is understaffed, and the staff are ill-informed about the local area. The management is unwilling to resolve hotel errors.

Problem #1:

When I booked the room, I called the hotel directly and requested a room with a roll-in wheelchair accessible shower, and was told that one was available. When I arrived at the hotel I was informed that the hotel did not have rooms with roll-in wheelchair accessible showers. The manager did not seem interested in finding a solution for the problem, or making compensation for the hotel's error.

Problem #2:

At 3 a.m. (Yes, 3 a.m. in the middle of the night) the fire alarm alarmed for several minutes. We called the front desk repeatedly, but no one ever answered the phone. Other people in the rooms next to us had attempted to call the front desk as well, with no success. The elevators were non-functional, and I, along with several other people on our floor ended up walking downstairs to find out what was happening. (We were on the 23rd floor). It took over an hour from the time the alarm started alarming, until Hilton personnel announced over the loud speaker that there was no emergency and that everyone could return to their rooms. There never was an explanation of what happened.

This hotel does not deserve the name Hilton, or the title "hotel".

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