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Not a good value for the money. It's true the Shoal Bay beaches are magnificent, as are many other beaches on the island, but this hotel is extremely run down and in desperate need of major remodeling! Our bed had linens that were ragged with holes and the mattress pad didn't fit on the mattress so it made it difficult to sleep, my wife ended up getting bit all night long by what we think were bed bugs. Our room had a stench to it, but probably just because it is pretty old. The pool is in desperate need of refinishing, but let's face it we didn't come for the pool. All the appliances are very old and smell bad and the hotel looks like it has been painted over a hundred times and it shows. I would say this hotel would be a value at about $100 but we were charged $215 for a "deluxe" room that didn't even have TV. It really was a rip off! Also there is not a lot of privacy as we had to share an entry way with the unit below, it's almost like they made a two story unit into two separate units by putting a door at the bottom of our stairway. My wife and I were planning on staying here for three nights but ended up leaving after the first night. The manager wouldn't give us our deposit back after the first night so we forfeited that as well, the moral - think twice before booking here. We were lucky enough to find a beachfront villa at the four diamond Cusinart for $140 more! Expensive as that was it is it is a much better value (see my review on Cusinart) and the sea is much calmer on that side of the island.

A few notes about Anguilla:

There were a lot of mosquito's so don't forget the bug spray - it's really a pain though because each time you go in the water you have to re-apply. Also the island is not as developed as you might think; there is a lot of poverty here which can cause some resentment toward the tourists. However some locals are very friendly as they often waved as we drove by. Really the beaches are the only thing truly magnificent on this island. That is why I felt is critical to stay at a hotel you like, there isn't much else to do but stay around the hotel so you'd better like it. I highly recommend staying on Anguilla a night or two so you can see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

First of all, your accommodation was a standard one bedroom suite not a deluxe suite and with the standard one bedroom suite, televisions are available upon request at a nightly charge of $5.00 per night which is also stated on our webpage.

75% of our guests are repeats who come every year and enjoy their surroundings and accommodations and have never had a problem sharing an entry way with other guests. The privacy is in the room not in the entry way.

We have had one or two guests who checked in and the accommodation were not what they were looking for and we did return their deposit and even help them get into another hotel of their choice. (We are a 3 star hotel unlike Cusinart which is 5 star). If you had been truthful with the Manager and said you were not happy with the accomodations instead of saying you had to leave the island because of an emergency with your Mother-in-law I can assure you the Manager would have given you back your deposit and possibly not even charged you for the night you stayed.

Any tourist who was on the island during the month of May can tell you that we had a tremondous amount of rain, and because of that there were alot of mosquitoes and sand flies, also known as 'no see ums' (we certainly DO NOT have bed bugs) which would have caused your wife's bites.

Anguilla does have a lot more to offer other than great beaches, we are also known for our fine dining and our exceptionally friendly people and as an Anguillan I do take great offense to your comment about proverty on the island and resentment to tourists. This is just not true!

I believe you were looking for a 4/5 Star resort with all the amenities such as Cusinart offers and not a simple friendly laid back beach place like Shoal Bay Villas which our many prior reviews attest too.

The moral here, is if you had said something we would have been happy to help you get what you wanted from your vacation in Anguilla.

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