Awful Customer Service at the Hilton A review of Omphoy Ocean Resort

When we arrived for our honeymoon at the Hilton Resort in the Palm

Beach area, no one was at the front desk. We could hear people talking

in the back, but even when we called out for assistance, we were

ignored for almost five minutes. When someone did finally come out,

they did not apologize for the wait and told us our room would overlook

the parking lot. When we explained that when we had agreed to pay

almost $250 a night it was contingent on us having a view of the ocean.

The Hilton employee told us that there were no rooms with that

description available. She also implied that we were "mistaken" or

perhaps lying about this agreement. We drew it to her attention that

the conceirge had told us (when we called for directions just 2 hours

prior) that it was ok to be late for check-in, given that the hotel was

only at half-capacity. Embarrassed, she said that she was able to

locate us a room with a view, gave us a key, etc. When we entered the

room, it was already occupied. This was very disturbing to think that

this could happen - the safety and privacy issues alone were enough to

make us furious! When we went back to the front desk, she acted put out

and gave us our original room (view of parking lot). Tired, we gave in,

and went in. The carpets were damp (perhaps newly shampooed) and the AC

was not working. Really upset, we called our travel agent who in turn

called the front desk. She called us back to let us know that the front

desk would be calling us shortly and moving us to a room with a view.

15 minutes later the phone rang and we were told our new room was

ready. We were told to leave our luggage there and that the bell boy

would bring them to our new room. We picked up the key and made our way

to the room. At this point, we were angry, tired, and hungry. We wanted

to shower and get ready for dinner. Our luggage did not come, an hour

passed. Once again we called the front desk and asked what the hold up

was. No apology or explanation was provided. When the bell boy did show

up, he was very nice and apologized, explaining that the message had

never been given to them. When we told him about all the trouble we had

so far, he shared that there have been many incidents because of the

people working at the front desk. He told us about a recent occurence

where a key was given to an occupied room and people walked in on a man

getting out of the shower. Once settled, we got ready for dinner. When

we asked where a good place to go would be, the bell boy told us about

places nearby - which is very telling. He did not suggest the place in

the hotel and given our experiences to this point, took his advice.

When we returned, we found a 2-inch bug (looked like a roach) crawling

on our shower curtain. My husband attempted to catch it, but it

squished itself behind the metal plate in the shower. Once again, we

called the front desk. 10 minutes later an older gentleman came with

some bug spray. The bug was never found and removed, perhaps dying (or

just hiding) behind the plate. To top it off, at the end of our 3-day

stay, we received a $50 bill for parking. This was just the icing on

the cake - to think that you could spend $250 a night and be charged

for every little detail ($25 for a cabanna, etc.) was very upsetting.

Our honeymoon ended on a very sour note given our experience...After

this experience, I will think twice before staying with in a Hilton in

the future, and I'll urge people I know to find other

accommodations.The Hilton on Singer Island is pricy and not all that

impressive in appearance. It is next door to the Four Seasons, which

looked very nice. The rooms with a view of the ocean are must if

choosing this location, but even the "best" rooms are small for the

price and do not include things like fridge, microwave, etc.When paying

this much each night, basic courtesy from the employees is expected -

We were VERY disappointed and have already written to Hilton to alert

them of this location's shortcomings.Do yourself a favor and book

another place!

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