Awful, awful, awful A review of Sheraton Annapolis Hotel

This was my last stay at a Sheraton. No matter how much Starwood tries to fix the unfixable, offer service guarantees, etc., it just doesn't seem to be working.

I checked in at around 4pm and was greeted and processed by no better than a robot - zero personality and responses and explanations that seemed as if they were being read from a script. The hotel lobby was attractive, but had a humid/damp smell.

The elevator was "jumpy" and hot. The 2nd floor hallway was a bit beat up. I had reserved a "junior suite". Based on the picture on the web site as well as the description of this being "upscale", the copy writer and photographer should be brought up on charges. Awful decor, old motel like air conditioning systems that were so loud you had to blast the volume on the TV, no working modem connection at the desk, old thin sheets and beds, popcorn ceilings....

Room service was delivered promptly. The living room area had a dining table and 4 chairs. The tray arrived, was placed on the edge of the desk, and pushed forward along with my paperwork. I guess the person who delivered was never instructed what the table was for.

When I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed, the sound from the TV next door was coming right through the connecting door (no surprise based on the A/C problem). I called downstairs to complain and ask for a change and was told that all the junior suites were like this. I asked for a standard room without a connecting door and went downstairs for a new key.

Went up to a room on the 4th floor, opened the door, and was met with the most intense mildew smell and heat. I immediately shut the door, went back downstairs, and asked for another room.

I was then assigned a room on the "club level" 6th floor. The good news was that the room didn't smell and it was quiet. The bad news was that the room needed refurbishing, the toilets need flushing several times, the same A/C, and this hotel should not be using promotional material for the Sheraton sweet sleeper bed when there are none to be found in that place.

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