Awful, Awful, Awful, Awful, Awful A review of Sheraton Annapolis Hotel

I am a meeting planner and was told that the meeting would be put at this hotel. After the meeting was contracted the hotel was sold. Problems with the Sheraton Barcelo Hotel.

When I found out Sheraton Barcelo had been sold tried to contact the new sales lady by phone, left two voice messages, and several email messages. She never answered them. I switched to trying to contact the catering manager. She too ignored me. Finally after literally weeks, one of them called me to ask who I was. She was supposed to coordinate the meeting details with someone other than me, a person listed in the contract incorrectly. Instead of asking me long ago who I was, both she and the sale lady had just ignored me.

When the sales lady finally started emailing me which would be usually days after I emailed her with requests her answers were always terse and condescending.

Had to close my registration area down early at 3:30 pm one day because another group was going to set up in the whole lobby area. This was a total surprise to me.

We had ants in our food on two occasions, Wed and Fri

I took a crate down to the front desk to be shipped by UPS. The girl behind the desk said to leave it right in front of the hotel registration desk where she was standing and UPS would pick it up. That was the 8th of April. It was finally shipped on the 12th. I needed it on the 13th, I got it on the 15th.

Lots of my participants complained about the condition of the sleeping rooms. Wall paper peeling, holes in bedspread. In common areas light fixtures falling off wall, wall paper peeling, etc.

Before our block deadline was up, participants calling into hotel were told the block was closed. When I called about this I was told that hotel was sold out. Our block was not full and the block deadline had not been reached. Them being sold out should not have been our problem. Several people attending our meeting stayed at other hotels because they were told they couldn't get into the block.

Got email telling me several of our participants had canceled their reservations. I contacted each one and a few had canceled but most had not. I had to get their reservations re-instated.

Went into the hotel restaurant to eat one night. Combination receptionist/server would disappear for very long periods of time. Man came to reception podium hoping to eat. He stood there for about 10 minutes. Finally he went into the back to find her.

I requested prior to leaving and after I got home, a pickup list of all of our participants with arrival and departure dates. They can't supply this. They do not have a clue how to do what they are supposed to do.

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