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I really do not know what the Phoenix guy is thinking.

We stayed in the Cambridge Gateway Inn on a crisp October weekend in 2003. We were an athletic team playing an intercollegiate match in the Boston area. Coming in, we just wanted a nice place to stay. A place that was close to Boston, inexpensive, clean, and comfortable. After reading the first review of this hotel, I was unsure of whether to book rooms in the Cambridge Gateway Inn. I took a chance, and it paid off very, very well.

I have stayed in five-star hotels, including Marriotts and Hawaiian suites, but for its price, nothing compares to the Cambridge Gateway Inn. Book this hotel now, and you will not regret it.

Here's what the Inn has to offer. First, a quick 10-minute walk to the Alewife T (Subway) Station. It's on the sidewalk of a highway, yes, but it's not a hard walk. And if you don't like the walk, take a free shuttle every half hour. The Inn also offers a tremendous amount of free parking. A lobby that is very clean and smells nice. Friendly staff behind the desk that does not smoke. We got our rooms promptly after entering the well-kept lobby.

And oh, how those rooms were nice. All doors are on the inside, so you don't have to walk outside in the cold or rain. The hallways are clean and feel nice to walk around in. CELLPHONES WORKED WELL. many hotels provide a microwave and fridge...FOR FREE? Color cable TV with remote. Nice, clean beds. Good phone, excellent atmosphere. Nice bathroom with sufficient amenities. Good toilet. There was absolutely nothing to complain about - no cracks in the bathroom, no cigarette stains, walls were thick enough. I missed the continental breakfast, but enjoy muffings, bagels, and coffee daily from 6:30 till 9 AM. Plus there's a bowling alley next door!

Again, not to call someone out, but I really don't know what the Phoenix guy was thinking.

Bottom line: If you want to throw money around, go drop hundreds of dollars at an overhyped chain. The Cambridge Center Marriott is actually a really nice hotel too. But if you're cost-conscious, and still want to stay at an excellent hotel, book a room in the Cambridge Gateway Inn. Everything that you need, and much, much more. When you're having fun in one of the world's best cities, why worry about price or quality? For peace of mind, stay at the Cambridge Gateway Inn.

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