I wanted to share an awesome experience I had with the Crowne Plaza in Bloomington on February 28, 2005.

I am the Director of HSBC Customer Care, Card Services in Las Vegas, NV. On February 28th, I was traveling with 48 people from Las Vegas to New York City. The purpose of this group traveling together was each had won a trip based on an incentive program. I am sure you can imagine the excitement level of this group on this day!

Our trip took a turn for disaster when we landed in Minneapolis for a quick layover before getting on our next leg to New York City. When we landed, we were informed that our next flight was cancelled due to air traffic issues surroundings the NYC area. The entire group had already been re-routed and split up with no guarantee to meet in NYC at the same time, including couples traveling together. Of course, this was not acceptable and I was able to work with Northwest Airlines to get us on a flight together departing the next morning. Northwest gave us guidelines for finding a hotels and shuttles so we could settle in for the night. I placed a call to the Crowne Plaza in Bloomington on Green Valley Drive and within minutes had reservations for 24 rooms and shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. To add to the saga, we needed wheel chair accommodations for one of our guests.

Shuttle service arrived within the 20 minutes quoted on the phone, accommodations were made for our wheel chair guest, and all checked into the hotel within an hour of leaving the airport. As the director for a customer service call center, urgency and the quality of service is most important. Each member of my group found the staff to be extremely helpful, cheerful and looking for any opportunity to enhance our unplanned visit. If this wasn't enough, the staff arranged for more than a ususal shuttle service to and from the Mall of America.

We had not eaten since earlier in the day. The Executive Chef greeted me and we discussed timimg for the group to gather for a meal. Once a time was established, the front desk staff sent a broadcast message to all the rooms with the logistics for dinner. We met in the bar area where the bartender ensured everyone was taken care of while we ordered food. The waiter waited on 48 people ensuring our meals needs were met. Both did so with smiles on their face and a skip in their step.

We excepecte to be sipping drinks and enjoying our first night in NYC Monday night while being guests at a cocktail party at the Hilton Times Square. We found ourselves in Minneapolis, MN at the Crowne Plaza having our own cocktail party with feedback from the group that Monday night was one of the best nights of the entire trip! This would not have been accomplished without the skill and expertise of the staff of the Crowne Plaza.

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