Avoid the staff A review of Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort

First the good: The hotel is beautiful, the 1bd/1ba room is large, gorgeous and well maintained. The grounds are lovely and the pool, water slide, lazy river and splash area are perfect. We saw a magic show in the kids playroom within 30 minutes on our first day. We didn't have enough time to see everything. We missed the game room and movie theatre altogether. The hotel has a very comfortable and relaxed setting. We had an ocean view from our room and had our morning coffee on the balcony watching the waves and cruise ships dock. Our relatives stayed in the rather tight studio unit with a tennis court/parking garage view. They don't bother you but once for the tour. Now the bad: From the moment we arrived I could feel a lacking presence of staff. No bellmen to help with luggage or parking. Be prepared to dedicate at least 20 minutes looking for a cart at checkout and another 20 minutes waiting for a tiny elevator. Our room was missing sheets for the pull-out and an iron. They turn off the water for the slide and splash area promptly at 5pm - just when you get going after a long day of sightseeing. There are NO lifeguards, but plenty of staff checking to see if you have your pool tag in case you are tresspassing. Babysitters are not available after 5pm. The sundry shop closes early, too. It's a long walk to the beach. About 3 staffers are pleasant, the rest have been hired for their emotional instability. The restaurant is overworked and forgetful and the manager is less than accomodating. Rude, I think, is the word. Overall, if you don't speak to anyone that works there and need none of their services, you will do quite well. Don't expect anything quickly and keep an eye on your little ones. The place is enormous. If you love Cocoa Beach, this is a nice choice. We had relatives stay at the Hilton and although it was right on the beach, some had trouble with their rooms and the pool is tiny. But, it had much better service. Hope this helps!! Enjoy your vacation.

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