Avoid the Seven Gables Inn A review of Seven Gables Inn

My wife and I decided to take a weekend off for a trip to St. Louis. We utilized priceline to find a 4 star hotel, and wound up with the Seven Gables Inn. Although the restaurants are good, we found the hotel to be dirty, in extremely poor condition, and the staff to be somewhat rude and condescending. Although my wife and I certainly do not fall into the upscale mold that dines in the restaurants, we were treated poorly by the staff. For a "four star" hotel, we find it unacceptable to be placed in a room with no hot water (it took 3 tries to find us a room that did have hot water) peeling wallpaper, dirty carpets, bathroom tile covered with mold and mildew, and a host of other problems not witnessed at hotels for half the cost. Save yourself the money and effort: Stay at a Marriott or Sheraton and eat at one of the dozens of restaurants in St. Louis with food just as good (if not better) than the Seven Gables Inn, and avoid the awful room conditions.

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