AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. A review of Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel

Like all the other reviews say, don't stay here unless you REALLY have to. The website and the reality of the building have nothing in common.

Something you'd maybe expect the DTI to investigate in the UK.

From the blurb on the website - "Located on New York's famous Bowery, The Whitehouse was a well known "Lodging House" providing housing accommodations to New York's working class. close to 100 years ago.

Today, the unique charm of the Whitehouse has been preserved to capture the "feel" of yesteryear, but the property has been ugraded for the modern-day traveler."

The 'rooms' are nothing more than partitioned off areas, roughly 6ft by 4.5ft. I say 'room'; but rooms usually have walls that reach the ceiling, not stop just above head height. You are provided with a bed not much bigger than a sleeping bag, a few hooks on the wall and a light. The doors are long past their sell by date.

The 'wash area' consists of several showers (at least they work), sinks and toilets. The toilet doors don't lock so expect someone to enter whilst you're on the throne (happened to me). True to the blurb though, the wash area has retained it's original look and feel - old, dirty and crap.

Aircon is non existent. The receptionist had put the heating into overdrive so that the floor was like a sauna. A few ceiling fans attempt to provide cool air but just end up making a noise.

The people you'll find there are a mixture of travellers on vacation from around the US and Europe, out of work bums and some permament residents apparently. The blurb implied that a family ran the 'hostel' and would be there to welcome you etc etc. I've yet to meet them.

The shame of it all is that it could with little work be someplace real nice, but obviously they're not bothered about their guests....

To summise, only come here if you are hard up. Expect to meet all sorts of people. Avoid coming here if you are on your own.

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Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel
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