Avoid Like The Plague!! A review of Pike's Waterfront Lodge

First day of our beautilful trip to Alaska. Landed in Fairbanks, picked up our rental cars and drove a short distance to the Lodge.

1) 1AM Took forty minutes to check us in. Just the five of us in two rooms with reservations paid in full. No one else was checking in at the time. Staff on hand, three teenagers.

2) We had paid for cabins, and two queen beds. We got

a room in the hotel with one queen bed and a hide a bed for my 16 year old son with back problems.

3) Next morning, I asked to be switched to another room with two queen beds. They said, that would work and we would make the switch in the afternoon about 3:00pm. I told them we would be back at noon.

Arrived back at the lodge at 12:20pm. Go to our room, open the door with our key card, only to find someone elses luggage in our room! About 20 secound later, a man opens the door to HIS room! We go to the front desk and they let us know THEY switched our room for us. We turn over the keys, get new room keys and go to our room. Once inside, we realize the lodge did not remove ALL of our belongings from the first room, because we had unpacked some of our things the night before. Back to the front desk to get a bellboy to go back to our first room to retreve our items in the closet.

4) Finally back in our new room, take inventory and find we are missing my sons new coat he bought for the trip. (He was going to take it with him out to breakfast that morning, but decided not to and I saw him throw it on his suitcase.) Back to the front desk to report it missing and what do you know---they never found it or compensated me for it or even apologized for loosing it!

I will never stay at this place again! And I would advise anyone to stay clear! They rest of our trip was great, check-in everywhere else took less then three minutes, our bags always got to the rooms ahead of us, and we never "LOST" another thing! IMAGINE THAT!!When I got back from our trip, I e-mailed the lodge, but they never responded.

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Pike's Waterfront Lodge
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