Avoid it.... A review of Kahler Grand Hotel

My wife and I stayed here on a business trip of mine. This hotel should be avoided. From the outside, the hotel looks fairly respectable and the lobby looks ok.

Here's what we found on the inside:

1. The rooms were in a state of disrepair. Broken handles on dressers, TV knob broken, and stopper in sink broken.

2. The bed was as hard as a rock.

3. The windows were so dirty that it was like looking through wax paper.

4. The staff had an "attitude". We personally witnessed the staff openly make fun of other guests. Due to the hotel's close proximity to the Mayo Clinic, there are a few "permanent" hotel guests staying at the hotel for long term treatment. Many of these people are terminally ill. My wife and I witnessed hotel staff snicker and openly make fun of a woman who was obviously in the later stages of a terminal illiness.

The woman was simply asking for assistance from the staff to push her wheel chair through the lobby and out through a set of doors.

Inexcusable and very disrespectful. We felt sorry for the woman and embarassed for the staff.

Bottom line: Avoid this hotel.

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