Avoid Convention Traffic! A review of Hyatt Regency Columbus

On the whole, this isn't a bad hotel. It's not the nicest Hyatt by a long shot, but it's not the worst either (that distinction may belong to the Hyatt Capitol Square - it's desperately in need of an update).

The staff are friendly, the rooms are modern and clean, and the gym is okay. High-speed Internet would be a great addition, and the television has always been fuzzy. Also, it's one of the few Hyatt Regencies that are totally unapologetic that they don't have a Regency Club.

The biggest problem with this hotel? The convention center. If you're travelling to Columbus for any other reason, and there's a convention going on - avoid this hotel like the plague!

When there is a big convention, the elevators become unusable (10 - 15 minute waits), forcing you in to the dingy, loud, dark stairs. The staff is obviously too thin to handle a big convention (especially bell boys and valets), and the bars and restaurant get overwhelmed by conventioneers.

I've stayed at this hotel dozens of times, but once they (almost) committed the cardinal sin - they overbooked their rooms. I showed up for a confirmed reservation at 11:00PM, and they had given away my room! After screaming and yelling at the front desk guy (not kidding), they "found" a room that an airline had paid for but not used. If they had not "found" that room...

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