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I arrived at Astor on the Park a couple of days after opening. The reception area was fine (as in the pictures) but when I got to my room, there was no duvet/cover on the bed, the carpet was full of paint marks and the wardrobe was placed right in front of the window! Strange I thought!- not that there was much of a view anyways. When I originally saw this hotel advertised. it was claimed as 'Home away from Home' - hmmm anything but! I asked to change rooms and the room I got was slightly better. Clean and comfortable, rooms were made up every day with fresh towels etc. If you are in NY you don't spend much time in your hotel room then this is was perfect, but if you are wanting a few more luxuaries away from home then I would not suggest it. There was no fridge, tea or coffee making facilities and certainly no room service. There is a little shop down the block but not all that much to choose from. To be honest I would have spent an extra $50US a night to be more central with a few more luxuaries for the price.

I heard one couple at reception saying that their phone was not even connected and they were having problems with their shower - not working.

To be honest many a teething problem, as with most new properties, and I would possibly give it a few more months before staying here to get themselves sorted out.

The people were friendly enough and would bend over backwards for you.

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