Attn Management: Check out the condition of your laundry facility!! A review of Holiday Inn Bar Harbor Regency

This hotel advertises that it has a laundry facility...if you need it, beware! This was a very important amenity to us as we were doing some extensive east coast travel with a family of four. Someone removed it's door and leaves it exposed to the outside pool area. Each load of laundry costs $2 to wash AND $2 to dry. No change machine on site. Hotel front desk wouldn't give us all the quarters we needed, so we wound up using dollars in the snack machines to get change. Hotel elevator won't go down to the basement laundry room, UNLESS you do a trick with the buttons to get it to. Laundry room has a bathroom (which is FILTHY!) and a dry sauna which some inebriated teenagers decided to use that particular nite AU NATURALE and I had to whisk my young son back up to the hotel room. YUCK.

Good location of the hotel, but not one of the more personable in town.

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