Attended a wedding A review of The Houstonian

For a 5 star hotel, I was quite dissappointed overall. First, my friend was having her wedding there, and she had already paid $30.000 to the hotel for the wedding this past weekend. When we arrived, they requested a criedt card which she thought was taking care of but the front desk wouldn't let her through. Finally, we had to request the events manager to straighten it out.

We had only an hour to get ready for the rehearsel, but it turned out to be less time because the bellman didn't get our baggage up in time. The other problem was that she had request two queen size beds, but only got one king with a sleeper. But it was too late to change since we were going to be late for the rehearsel. The bellman told us that they would make up the sleeper to be comfortable. It was horrible and I knew that I had a long day ahead so I needed some sleep. Unfortunately, I only received 4 hours of sleep that night and was exhausted the next day.

Service overall was decently but not 5 star quality. The wedding was spectacular, but that is because had invested so muhc into it. The hotel itself was dissappointing.

The best thing is that coffee was veryvery strong and that was perfect.

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