Atlantis this past weekend........ A review of Atlantis - Royal Towers

My husband and I stayed at the Atlantis this past week for five nights and have very mixed feelings about it. It is truly beautiful. The marine habitats are spectacular and the grounds are gorgeous. Pools, slides, lazy river are all a lot of fun. But what is it with this place? First of all, it is HUGE! Be prepared to have to walk quite a distance when you go to do anything, even if you are in the Royal Towers. If you are in the Beach Tower, it will take you 20 minutes at least to walk over to the Mayan Temple and the Royal Towers where most of the big stuff is located. Secondly, the service is appaulling. I do not mind spending big bucks at a hotel where the service is worth it, i.e. a Four Seasons or Ritz. But this place is highway robbery for the service level. A 15% gratuity is added to every bill, even if you are just getting a coffee. They act as though you don't even exist. There are exceptions but we found this to be true the majority of the time. And be prepared for enormous crowds. It was not bad on Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday thru Sunday you can barely even walk thru the place. And forget about getting a pool chair unless your down at the crack of dawn. Overall, this is a place worth seeing but there are many other places I would rather stay. We get down to the Caribbean normally two or three times a year and this IS NOT a Caribbean experience. More like Disneyworld with a beach.

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