Atlantis is truley a place to visit.... if you love to have fun!!! A review of The Reef Atlantis

The initial feel of this hotel was "Did we make a mistake?" There where kids all over the place. I was waiting for Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer to come running through the lobby with balloons. Since I have no kids I could only think about the pools and attractions being filled with screaming and whining rich kids wanting their $15.00 ice cream.

Now for the truth. We stayed at the Reef hotel which is basically like a nice Holiday Inn. The way to go is either the Royal Towers or the Cove (bad thing about the Cove is that it's a hike and the pool there is reserved for the young clubbers that like to think they are on MTV's Spring Break). If you can afford the Ocean Club and are looking to find peace and quiet then stay there (we are planning to return and stay there next year). Either way, you will not spend much time in your room anyway. The attractions at this place are incredible and this is what makes this worth the $350 +/- per night room rate.

The "kid factor" was minimal since this place is huge and we could always find a place at the pool to sit. We have our secret areas so I am not telling. Ths casino was nice and for the most part not crowded and we actually won enough money there to pay for NOBU and Mesa Grill (Both excellent restaurants).

All in all, I would recomend this "mega" resort to all that want to have fun in the sun!

Enjoy your time!

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