At least it was cheap A review of Omni Houston Hotel Westside

We stayed at the Houston Omni Westside for one night in October 2005. I have previously stayed at the Houston Omni (near the Galleria) and thought it was a very nice hotel. We placed a reservation online for this Omni for $89/night. The hotel staff was courteous although they only mentioned upon our checking in that we may hear some construction noise between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM. The lobby was spacious but filled with a wedding party when we arrived. The koi pond had oil or some type of chemical floating on the top of it. (Made me feel sorry for the fish!) The fifth floor looked like it had already been renovated because the carpet looked new and the furniture was of modern styling. However, there were crumbs and cereal bits on the floor. The bathroom was tiny but well appointed.

It was a Saturday night that we stayed and we retired early but around 11:30 PM we heard banging on the door (I thought it was ours) with some kids trying to get back into their room. Also, the room doors are very heavy (but obviously not soundproof) and they slam loudly. I heard this periodically through the night.

The bed was very soft (too soft for me) and the comforter smelled like men's aftershave. (Yuck).

Overall, the hotel is attractive, the staff courteous but minor touches as mentioned above make me not want to visit here again. The Houston Onmi is much nicer.

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