At first we hated it, But later won our vote A review of Bell Channel Inn

Just to let you know, my boyfriend and I went to the bahamas for a short vacation. We had the option of upgrading our motel but decided to save costs and stick with Bell Channel. To be honest we were a little embarrased in the beginning. We rode the Jitney bus which stopped at all these NICE expensive resorts and picked up people then headed to our inn. It is Pink and purple and not what we expected. But after the initial shoke we loved it. It was very clean and the staff was extremely nice. It is an older but charming little place. We came to love it because it does have a wonderful view of the port and we always had the pool to ourselves day or night. It was quiet and comfortable.

The rooms are rather large and spacious. All rooms have a little dech with a patio tabel and chairs overlooking the port. The restaraunt up stairs we found has the best food on the island. There is also a wonderful view there. In case you are wondering the hotel is on the jitney bus route. It is just a short walk down the street, not a big deal at all. A little advice to you would be to bring extra money for tips. Everywhere you go you are expected to leave a tip. The jitney bus ride is 1.00 per person and it will take you to almost everyplace you will want to go except the airport and that is only about 10.00 for the taxi ride. The Bell Channel does have a activities person at the door.

Whatever you want to do on the island she can help you with and she does offer a discount. She also is very nice and will drive you to most places herself or she will call for your transportation. We went snorkeling and we went on the Bahama Mama cruise. We had a great time at both. The inn does offer free transportation to the beach. It is just a short drive away and it is the Port Lacuya Beach. It is absolutely beautiful there!! If you go shopping, go to the straw market near the international bazaar first. It is cheaper than at Port Lacuya.

There isn't anything to do within walking distance of the hotel but there is always a way to get around with the jitney bus so it really doesn't matter.

If you want a clean place to stay but don't want to deal with the hussel and bussel of tourists. This Inn is the place to go. We felt like we were there by our selves and we loved it.

Overall we had a wonderful vacation and would do it again in a second.

I hope you have just as good a time as we did.

Our favorite thing that we did was walk along the beach at night it was absolutely beautiful and very romantic. We took a dip in the ocean and noone else was around. So I would advice you to do that for sure!!!

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