As good as it gets A review of The Atlantic Resort & Spa

Remembering my visit to the Atlantic makes me smile. Not just any smile, but one of those slow, long, knowing smiles!

Not only is the hotel absolutely beautiful, but the service was over the top. Our first Atlantic service experience was when they brought us fresh blood orange juice in the lobby. It was in a stemmed glass with a touch of molasses and lavender floating on top! They even brought a cool damp towel to freshen up with. Then were given a tour of the facility.

The tour showcased the impeccably decorated and designed hotel. For design and style, this is our favorite hotel we've ever visited. The room (9th floor, southeast corner), was fabulous. The views were great, the room was beautiful and the bed was wonderful.

Dinner at the Trina restaurant was an experience. Service was perfect and so was the food. Drinks out on the front veranda were very enjoyable. We relaxed on the big comfortable chairs and watched the activity on Fort Laurderdale beach. What was nice was that we could enjoy the beach bustle street level, but you could not hear the street noise from the 9th floor balcony.

The only complaint we had was hurricane Francis. We had to cut our visit short due to evacuation. We did not want to leave. After three phone calls to the room, the staff finally told us that we were the last ones in the hotel and would have to check out. We offered to stay and look out for the fabulous property, but they wouldn't allow it. Truly they were very kind to us and we can't wait to go back.

The Atlantic is our new favorite hotel and Fort Laurderdale beach blows South Beach away.

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