Are you cool enough for Viceroy? A review of Viceroy Santa Monica

Forget any reviews dated prior to July of 2002. This is a new hotel in the old Pacific Shores bldg. They've done a great job with the renovations, both they guest rooms and public spaces are striking and comfortable. We took advantage of their Spring Fling program which offered early check-in (noon), late check out (3pm) and a $50 credit to the bar and/or restaurant. Everything you have heard about the bar scene at Viceroy is true. When we returned from cocktails across the street at Casa Del Mar, we were stopped by a line of huge guys in suits controlling access to the building. The head bruiser held a clipboard like the doorman at any ultr-hip club and and several hipsters were trying all of their best lines to gain admittance. When we entered the hotel lobby, it barely resembled the room we left two hours earlier. The crowd from the bar spilled over into the lobby and filled the outdoor pool deck. The waiting area for the restaurant was equally busy. The pool area reminded me of a 2004 version of the big party scene in Shampoo. Friday night at the Viceroy is best example of upscale, ultra-hip LA nightlife, with 6ft blonds sipping $12 cocktails in setting better than anything Hollywood could think up. About the food: Whist is a very good restaurant; its not one of the best meals I've eaten or even in my top 10, but it is VERY good. Breakfast the next day, served in the remarkably comfortable pool area, WAS one of the best (breakfast) meals I've ever experienced. To wrap things up: everything about the Viceroy looks good AND is extremely comfortable. The location is 2nd only to the beachfront hotels; Viceroy is directly across Ocean Ave from the beachfront Cas Del Mar and Shutters. The food is better than all but a handful of LA's best and the place is just lots of fun. The lack of a "family" atmosphere is a huge plus for anyone not looking for the Chucky Cheese crowd, but you don't have to be 20-something to enjoy Viceroy. There were plenty of well-off 60-somethings My only significant criticism came at checkout when the desk agent was helpless to fix my double-charged bill. (only the mgr. was able to make the necessary correction and he was not there.) Places this incredibly hot with the hipsters often burn bright but brief - time will tell if Viceroy can maintain it's current level of excitement.steve pburbank, ca

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