And the Lights Went Out All Over The City A review of New York Marriott East Side

The hotel was truly lovely. Our room was comfortable and roomy. Location was good for us. The service at the hotel was excellent. Left nothing to chance. I left a couple of items in the room and sent an email asking if they had been found. They had been and were Airborne Expressed to me immediately at no cost to me. Excellent!The day after we arrived while touring the West Village on foot, the lights went out all over the whole Northeastern part of the country. Surprise!! It was a terrific experience. We found a restaurant that was open and serving their full menu in Soho. They cooked with gas. They also handed out bottles of water and later juice to those walking home from the Financial District. Don't remember the name of the restaurant. It was on the corner of Watts about a block from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Gridlock set in immediately and seemed to last all night and most of the next day. We returned to do more exploring in that area later.The night of the blackout we stayed out walking around until well after 11 PM. It was fun. People were just out to have fun. Dancing and music in the squares. The most popular people were those with portable radios or car radios. Always a crowd around them for the latest news.We found the area a wonderful place to explore. But the day after the night of blackness, we went north to the top of Central Park and walked the entire length and finally wound up in Times Square.The area around Soho and the Village is greatLots of little shops, exciting.During our stay of seven full days, we saw the Guggenheim, the Financial District where we picked up some half price tickets for a show, ("Movin' On" - Bill Joel's musical - exciting, great music and dancing), saw a Fringe Festival Play, saw Ahmad Jamal at the Irridium jazz club, bar hopped in the Village and Midtown and had a full and memorable week.--Dori

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