An Overrated and Unfortunate Relic A review of Hans Memling Hotel

I've just been to fabulous Bruges whilst writing for a well known travel guide and stayed in the Hans Memling. My opinion of the hotel follows......The Hans Memling is perhaps the most appaullingly audacious case of misrepresentation using the star rating I have ever come across. Four stars is one short of the pinnacle of hotel excellence yet, in everything but location, this establishment falls way, way short.I'm greeted pleasantly, but my well trained suspicion stirs when the receptionist clearly tries to exhaustively oversell the room to me as "quiet" and "luxurious" and "well equipped".I manage a gasp as I check into the understairs cupboard I've paid £130 for; the ceiling is pitched across the whole room decending to a cluastrophobic few inches above the head end of the bed. The foot end of the bed is seven inches from the wall and I cannot see a square inch of carpet, let alone the two feet or so I would need to unfold the luggage rack unceremoniously stuffed behind the bed.The wallpaper is peeling and mouldy, the rest of the decor is original 1970s, but sadly not neo-70s chique, more past-it 70s worn out. And where are those sumptuous 4* goodies every other hotel chain manages?? None. No air-con, no safe, no shampoo, no tea/coffee making facilities, no porterage, no room service, no.....I could go on forever but instead I'll tell you that I rated the hotel on it's facilities using the AA's own ratings assessment manuals and it only just scraped 2 star.Moving swiftly on, I notice the hotel have invested in those keycards to activate the lights. Great! except they don't come off the keyring and there's no illumination at all so when you take it out (for instance when you're rushing to escape a fire) you have to try and open the lock in complete darkness. In addition, I notice the fire escapes must be brand new as they don't seem to adhere to the ten year old EC requirement to be illuminated and clearly signed!OK, so to bed. Eight hours of live music from bars directly opposite so loud it was as if they were in there with me. OK, so this is a city centre hotel but come on people, 4* = soundproofing, not single glazing and staff who blame it on the police when you, quite rightly, raise the issue politely.Aside from the dirty worn out towels and the mass produced (but not mass appeal) tourist-class breakfast, there's little else to say. This is a relic of a hotel who's management have long forgotten what investment is and now clearly just have eyes for those lucrative tour operator block-booking agreements.Sadly, the only thing I can offer to the tortured souls who will stay here is that it does have a great location, but there is far better to be had in this wonderful city.

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