An overrated & overcharged hotel A review of Shade Hotel

I stayed at this hotel because of my cousin's wedding nearby. The location is really not hard to find, however, the hotel is absolutely overcharged for its redundant hip metropolitan design. What i meant is design should be user friendly for the customer, but not overused. A lot of the designs & installations in the room just totally lack of common sense. Like the cool design glass plate faucet takes about two hours to fill up the tub in order to take a bath just totally lack of common sense. The different lightning color options above the tub is another useless options. Although they are trying to integrate the home technology into the room, like the many options area light switch right next to the door, sometimes just way too redundant. I am trying to stay in a hotel which has user friendly settings, but not spending time to figure out which light switch button for which area. A bulky old style TV definitely kill the whole so called hip decor. & the hotel bar close at 11 pm, yes!!! please tell me what kind of bar is that? the hotel charged about over $250 a night, but u still can hear people walking or talking outside your room. I think Shade hotel still has a lot to improve if they want to be another W hotel or TheHotel at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

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