An Overpriced, Overrated Campground A review of Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

What a disappointment. For those who would otherwise be happy camping, and who dont mind $300/night, then this could be the right place.

However, for those who travel often and expect quality, this hotel is overrated and overpriced and dirty. When you arrive, you think the accomodations will be surperb as the hotel has spent a lot of money on flowers and landscaping. However, our room was like a camper, very small, smelled old and musty, tacky furnishings and there were ants all over the ceiling. While we may be picky and used to nicer hotels, this was marketed as a top quality inn and was priced as a top quality hotel. We have also realized that the standard Cape Cod hotel line is that "The room goes for $400-600/night.." and you are made to feel that you are getting a deal at a world quality inn. If you are plannig on staying here, you should push them on price and if possible you should ask to see the room when you check in before accepting it. That is, if you decide to check in at all.

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