An Overpriced Motel with a Great View A review of Cliff House Inn on the Ocean

Well! I knew what to expect because I stopped in and previewed a roo before booking my stay. I stayed in room #24, a "deluxe" corner room on the second floor. The deluxe rooms boast a panoramic ocean view with a little more privacy than the regular rooms. However room #24's ocean view is blocked by a huge queen palm tree if you're laying in the bed!

To see the view you have to stand or sit int the window. Too often there are people sitting in the seats below the window (not nec.

Cliffhouse Inn guest as this is not a private property) so make sure you are properly attired before enjoying the view. We arrived at 8:00 pm to a friendly clerk. Unfortunately he didn't give any info about the creature comforts of the room, like how to heat it on a cold evening.

Consequently, the room was freezing which made going to the bathroom in the middle of the night an igloo-like experience! The next morning I found a space heater tucked away under the nightstand in the second bedroom (which had a baseboard heat element). When I brought this up to the same clerk the next morning he informed me that there is a in-wall heater in the main room. I found it the first night hidden under a desk. When I turned it on it blew out lukewarm air that felt like an air conditioner! Not at any time did he offer to give me any break on the extremely overpriced room rate ($170/night for a room that had torn carpet, a window blind with a slat broken in half, water temperature that went from cold to scalding with little increments in between and a door that was too small for the doorframe as the light of day could be seen surrounding the door with a huge gap at the bottom). The bed rumbled to the vibrations of the highway traffice right in front of the property and in full view of the window. On positive note - The ocean view is spectacular and the on-site gourmet restaurant, though a minimal of selections, was very good). The staff needs to inform guests upon check-in about the free continental breakfast and popula Sunday brunch. Another caution is that the front desk hours are 8:00 am - 11:00 pm. I noticed that upon check-out the female staff person didn't bother to ask me if I was satisfied with my stay. I think they don't inquire because they know everyone is going to have at least one negative comment. Think about the last time you stayed at a hotel/motel that charged you $170 for a room and didn't ask you at check-out how your stay was. We decided we would go back for the restaurant and poolside view but we would NEVER stay there again. Try the Inn on the Shore in Venture. They are right on the beach, cheaper and the rooms have balconies!

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