An ok place if you need to be there A review of Westchester Marriott

I stayed here recently because it was close to where I needed to be for business and because they have a Ruth's Chris steakhouse in the hotel. The staff was polite when I checked in and had just put out a plate of warm cookies, so the lobby smelled great! My room was small but manageable for one person and it was clean.

They offered a bottle of water ($5) and a travel size soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion (all free). That was pretty much it for the amenities. The TV had the standard selection of cable channels and pay-per-view movies. The hotel has spa treatments (massages) but you have to book 24 hours in advance. There's an indoor pool and they say they have dry saunas in each locker room for men and women (I didn't verify that).

The place was clean enough, but something about it just felt rundown. It seemed to me more like a Holiday Inn than a Marriott. One of the restaurants was closed for renovations and it felt like I was walking through an airport construction site to get to dinner. Since I was paying a full business price ($208) it was definitely not worth the price. I would say it was worth about $90.

My room had a view of a back lot and what appeared to be a tent they use for special events. A colleague traveling with me stayed in a room with a view of the pool, which made his room smell like chlorine.

The Ruth's Chris was also not quite up to snuff for what is normally a good chain. I've eaten at this branch several times in the past few years and the staff and food have definitely gone downhill.

The hotel can call a cab for you if you need, but service is spotty so allow plenty of time.

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