An oasis! A review of Comfort Inn

VERY impressed with this place. Can only reiterate what (most) previous reviewers have written. Yes, the rooms are tiny, but try getting anything better for the price! And the neighbourhood is not that much of a worry (unless you've lived your entire life in a gated community...) Comfortable beds, spotlessly clean facilities; free workout room and internet facilities are a bonus.

The only thing that stops me giving them 5/5: the desk clerk forgot to give back my drivers license which he took for ID purposes on check-in, which I didn't discover until I was at the airport on my way out, and when I called them to have it sent to me there, they charged my credit card for the cost of the car to send it to me. Thought that was a bit rude, since it was their oversight to begin with....but other than that, a fabulous hotel, and I'll be staying there again.

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