An Oasis from a hectic living A review of Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain is a welcoming oasis from a busy hectic lifestyle. Red Mountain offers many options for those needing to get away. I have been going for the past three years and look forward to returning each year.

What I like best about Red Mountain are the daily morning adventure hikes. There are many hikes for every level of fitness led by experienced guides. The hikes can last anywhere from over an hour to over three hours. When you return from the hike you can opt for a snooze on a hammock by the waterfall, take various fitness classes like pilates, hip-hop, Ny Ballet workouts, hot yoga, water aerobics, strength training, cycling, biking, stretch, etc. or go to the cafe for a late morning coffee and light snack, or head into Kayenta to the coffee shop/gift shop. There are bikes to rent and excursions to go on.

One year I took an excursion to Zion National Park and hiked the Zion Narrows (should only be done with a experienced guide). The following year I rented a car and went out to Zion with friends to climb Angels Landing. And, when you are not doing something physical you can enjoy the delicious food served at Red Mountain. By the way if you plan an excursion, Red Mountain will pack you a lunch to go (they are very thoughtful). The food is another reason why I keep going back. The food is substantial and healthy. I always come away with great recipes to share with my family. If that is not enough, Red Mountain offers daily cooking classes. For the more cerebral clients, there are many lifestyle lectures, and insightful sessions to help you to bring Red Mountain home. Each time I return to Red Mountain I come home with new recipes, new ways of dealing with stress, information about my health, an enlightenment about who I am and tools on how to stay healthy and happy. The rooms are comfortable and basic, but then again I haven't spent much time in my room. The Spa treatments are reasonable and there is a good variety - something for everyone. The price is reasonable and I feel like I get every penny worth even long after my visit to Red Mountain. So overall - I rate this spa a 10!

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