An Oasis Amid Concrete A review of The Houstonian

We have stayed at the Houstonian for years - some good, some better. Today, under current management, this hotel is very close to the five stars it seeks.

It's rare to have your room, a complete spa, fitness center, fine dining and outdoor paths at any hotel, but in the heart of a big city is truly unique. The rooms are not huge, nor particularly luxurious, but the other amenities and service easily make up for what the room space lacks.

The cozy lobby is almost too inviting: perfect for inviting friends, business associates or family to gather, which shuts out others wanting to do exactly the same thing! It's a first come, first serve availability! In nice weather, you can easily gather outside or by the pool in the spa area: all are quiet respites from the busy world outside.

The staff is quick to respond to any need, extra pillows, a hot pad or cold compresses: with the fitness center, they have more than the ordinary hotel in heath-related items. Room service as well as the breakfast menu feature healthful eating along with the more 'haute' items.

The hotel is near the famed Galleria area, and is not convenient to down town except by cab. Houston has almost zero mass transit (JUST added a short light-rail system). But, if your visit allows you time to spare, this is the place to choose.

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