An interesting, yet awesome experience at the Wyndham Arlington A review of Sheraton Arlington Hotel

I have a lot to tell about the Wyndham Arlington. We were on a business/leisure trip to Dallas and stayed here for our meeting.

When you enter the hotel you will find yourself in an extremely nice lobby.

Cascading waterfalls and some of the friendliest staff you will meet in a Texas hotel. When we got to our room it was extremely hot and my mom was complaining. We called the front desk numerous times but they really did not seem to care at first. We found out that the A/C unit at this hotel was broken.

On the 16th floor, it was not working either. That problem was later resolved by the evening and by the night the room was freezing cold... just the way we like it. Before staying here, I was afraid because of the previous reviews, but I really enjoyed this hotel. The rooms are very clean and the entire property is clean,quiet and very well maintaned. By what I saw, it looked as if the hotel has had some minor renovations. There were a lot of reviews about the hotel being old and musty. All I have to say is that the hallways were the only part of the hotel that were pretty musty and old. The rest of the hotel was excellent.

The elevators in this hotel are probably the fastest elevators you will ever ride.

They are quick. We waited less than a minute and we were on the 16th floor.

By the way, the entire hotel has some of the best views in Arlington. The restaurant is so-so, and at a descent price. You will definetly enjoy the pool, it is awesome! The location of the hotel is even better with two theme parks next door. Oh yeah, they gave us one night off and tons of free goodies for the guests who were in the rooms without A/C. We thought that was one of the nicest things that a hotel would do for it's guests. Overall, I really enjoyed the Wyndham and I am suprised at all the negative reviews there are. But, I did stay at a later time and the hotel has gone under some minor-renovations. I have some pictures here of the property. God Bless, and enjoy!

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