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I frequently travel to Victoria for business and have stayed at a wide variety of hotels in and around the city. The Victoria Regent has become #1 on my list for several reasons.

First, the Regent is beautiful inside and out. All of the rooms I have stayed in (both standard and suites) are consistently perfect and offer what I call the "finer" subtleties, i.e. high-grade linens, pillows, beds, towels, robes (the robes are extraordinary as well; the Regent sells them too, but they have a big regent logo on them), etc. Every room I have stayed in also has a mini refridgerator stocked with a wide variety of drinks (juices, alcohol, soda) and a large basket of candy bars and other snacks which are both repleneshed daily.

The location simply couldn't be better: a few streets from the heart of downtown yet right on the water as well. The views from both sides of the hotel are excellent, but especially looking toward the harbor.

It takes a lot for me to be impressed by hotel staff, but the people at the Regent seem to impress me every time.

One potential drawback to consider, however, is that the rooms facing the city are often loud (you can hear people outside most of the night). But in a way I enjoy that as it's part of the culture. Once I close the glass door to the balcony and turn on the fan, the noise is gone.

Oh, and the price for the value can't be beat.

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