An entirely satisfactory place to sleep A review of Doubletree Hotel Houston Downtown

It's time for me to express my great satisfaction with this hotel as, well, a place to sleep. My wife and I have stayed here 4-5 times over the past 3 years; we've also stayed at Icon, Magnolia, Warwick (pre-renovation), Derek, and Lancaster. Each of those hotels is more interesting, and a good room at the Lancaster - on an affordable night - is a very good room indeed. But the "rounded-corner" deluxe room at the Doubletree is as spacious and comfortable as any, is very safe for a klutz like me who tends to bump into sharp edges, and is exceptionally affordable (at least on a weekend). I've had no problem with noise in the halls, and I'm a light sleeper. The valet parking is unusually efficient and polite, the elevators are quick, and the lobby is quieter than the other hotels I referenced (the cool young crowd at the Icon is just not my thing). The breakfast buffet has gotten worse, however, and needs to be upgraded with decent scrambled eggs, a greater variety of fibrous fruit and cereals, and more full-bodied coffee.

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Doubletree Hotel Houston Downtown
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