Amazing. A review of Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa

Loved, loved, LOVED this hotel - it was a perfect experience from start to finish. Staff was congenial and wonderful from the booking of the room to checkout. Rates were unbelievable, especially considering the amenities - AND the fact that we stayed over a holiday weekend.

Beautiful lobbies, grand pianos guests are invited to play, wonderful restaurants. Beautiful, beautiful decor throughout, and the pond outside one of the restaurants [can't think of the name, but it has live music on weekends and provides a relaxed nightclub-esque environment] is a fabulous touch. (Go in around dusk, order a drink, and select a table by the window.) Food, drink, room service - all wonderful, all reasonably priced [i.e., no more expensive than anywhere else]. The only negative things I could possibly say about this hotel are: the pools weren't quite as large as you're led to believe from the website, but rgardless, they are still attractively laid out and they're certainly better than any hotel pools I've seen outside Vegas.

Expect to hike a bit if you don't valet, but then, once you get inside, you don't mind the parking at all. The hotel is entirely self-contained; there's almost no reason to leave the hotel at all once you're there. Bonus: if you're interested at all in national parks, there are two within an hour of the property. We visited both the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree during one day of our four-day stay. I can't speak to the golf course, but I'd recommend the hotel itself to anyone.

(And have.)

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