Amazing value for money! A review of Hotel Residence Mala Strana

Just returned from another fantastic break in Prague and i'm planning my next trip already. The Residence Mala Strana is quite possibly the oddest place i have ever stayed in my whole life! Don't get me wrong i enjoyed my stay but the customer service was just ... strange.

We arrived at reception where we were greeted by a woman whose facial expression was the only one she'd ever had and probably ever would have, she was colder than an October day on Blackpool Promenade. However she checked us in effortlessly and informed us of our free drink.. Bonus! We got into our room which was smaller than i thought but large enough for a couple who just wanted a base point. After giving the place the once over we hurried downstairs to claim our first Czech Beer. We asked at reception which now come to think of it seemed to have a rather sterile atmosphere, either that or i asked for my drink a little too abruptly. We were directed to the "Winter Gardens" This was a room with 2 seater setees all over, it was like walking into an Elderly Persons Home and this was the proposed room where guests relaxed. No music, no other people and no bar. Basically our drinks came from some random fridge under the receptionists desk in can form, i was shocked when she gave us glasses! We drank our beers and proceeded into Prague where the real fun is to be had.

Throughout the week our run-in's with the ice queen / receptionist became frequent but in all fairness she wasn't that bad. But mentally i still can't escape her icy glare *shudder*.

Stay at the Residence Mala Strana but if you fall into her evil hands, don't say i didn't warn you! Muhahahah

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