Amazing atoll A review of Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

if you're into diving , then rangiroa is the place to go, it was in a different league than any of our other trips. kia ora is a lovely hotel but for sheer beauty we suggest a side trip to kia ora sauvage which was amazing. bernard and his wife mahine (?) were our hosts on sauvage, we wished we had stayed longer, both the island and our hosts were incredible. snorkeling with bernard while he free dived with a spear gun for our dinner was something we'll never forget and josephine , the island dog, chasing the dozens of juvenile blacktip reef sharks constantly cruising the shallows was very entertaining, but our hosts singing and playing songs at night by the light of lanterns (no electric on sauvage) was magical. we certainly lucked out being the only guests on the island.

at kia ora we dove with "six passengers" just down the beach, they were great and what can you say but wow, to dives that included hundreds of big sharks (giant hammerheads, oceanic silvertips etc etc) enormous schools of barracuda, manta rays, the dolphins surfing in the pass and the fastest drift dives you'll ever take, amazing.

kia ora is a great hotel, but dinner needs improvement, the same so-so menu eight days in a row got very boring (we went to the pearl beach resort on manihi after and the food was so much better and the menu changed everyday) all in all rangiroa was a never to forget, wonderful experience. we suggest (if you like diving) coupling rangiroa with a trip to the pearl beach resort on manihi, you will not be dissapointed !

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